Rekey / locks change service

We are locksmith specialists in Aurora, providing a variety key and lock services, and have capabilities to change locks, rekey locks and much more.

Purchasing a home is an exciting endeavor; however there can be security risks that come with it. How is this possible? We are referring to risks which either are inherited from the previous homeowner or builder. It’s thrilling to receive keys to a new house; nevertheless, you need to ask yourself whether you are the only one who possesses that copy.  Did the previous owner give keys to neighbors, caregivers or cleaning firms who may not yet have returned?

This is why you are required to rekey or change all locks in your new house as soon as you move in. Rekeying is different from replacing a lock. You don’t need to undertake this hardy process of replacing all the locks in the house; instead, find a qualified locksmith technician who will rekey them proficiently.

Rekeying advantages

At, we basically dissembles the lock cylinder (this is the part that accepts the key), then discards the previous pin and swap them with ones that are ideal for your new key. Unlike some of our competitors, we don’t charge high rates, and furthermore, we don’t take much time to resolve even if it involves handling several locks. It’s also beneficial to involve us because we go an extra mile pointing out further, any other lock deficiencies you may have. These may be lock malfunctions or wrong installations from the initial homeowner.

It’s advisable also to rekey your home as nowadays, insurance companies hesitate to compensate folks who haven’t rekeyed their new homes. They always check if it was the owners’ negligence or forcible entry that resulted to the underlying cause. Therefore, this is an essential process, and we always advice our clients to take precaution instead of being faced with such incidences.

All Aurora residents should feel free to consult us at (720) 408-0597, and we will promise to rekey their new homes starting from their gates, houses and garage doors. This is our line of work, and we have rekeyed various types of locks; therefore yours will not be an exception. Receive professional help from our technicians, and protect your family and belongings today.

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